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1. Enable semantic search APIs for your data

Gloo ingests your data, and computes embeddings that are indexed in fully managed vector DBs.

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Gloo double-checks the AI-generated responses against your knowledgebase for accuracy and trustworthiness.

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Easily analyze LLM responses for hallucinations

Gloo annotates LLM responses for potential issues using your knowledgebase
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Airbnb's AirCover for Hosts provides pre-trip safeguards to help ensure that booking guests are who they say they are withAirBnBScreen
Unknown entity
technology[1]. It includes $1 million USD in Host liability insurance and $4 million USD in Host damage protection, covering art, valuables, parked cars, boats, and other vehicles, and more[2]. Find more information at
Broken URL
[1]: https://airbnb/aircover[2]:
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